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The commercial aviation industry is booming. Build rates for OEMs in aviation have reached record levels, and suppliers are benefiting hugely, with most of the sectors involved achieving an impressive growth.


One segment of the market however, is forecast to grow significantly more than any of the other fields and that is the resort of aircraft interior.


It is an exciting time to be a manufacturer of aircraft interior.

HOSA has 30 years of experience in this market and calls many major players in the market their customer.



30 years in the aviation business, absolute perfection in the making


HOSA is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015.

The company was founded in 1985 when the founders Mr. Peter Hodes and Mr. Uwe Sander received their first order for a VIP Interior conversion. Since then HOSA has gained an outstanding reputation for high quality products and services.


In the initial years the customer base were predominantly Princedoms and Royals as well as Governments and Large Corporation from all over the world for which HOSA performed VIP conversions.

In 2004 HOSA Aircraft Completions GmbH became officially certified as an EASA Production Organization (EASA G). By doing so HOSA was able to enlarge its customer base to commercial Aircraft by offering a greater product range.


In 2008 HOSA also became certified as an official EASA Design Organization. Again an extraordinary landmark in the History of the company as it enabled HOSA to become a full OEM to the Aviation Industry.


Since then HOSA offered its products from concept (Engineering and Design) to end product to a wide customer base in the aircraft interior market from around the world.



From draft to modern technology, using leading-edge materials


We love to grow together with our customers, providing all-round support


HOSA's concept to product services, support the customer over the whole process, from the simple idea, over drafts and concepts, to the aircraft built-in product. Helping the customer with feasibility studies, design and prototyping, HOSA is a vital partner to their customers.


Having gained a great understanding for the underlying raw materials and their respective characteristics, HOSA is of great help to their clients, when it comes to questions in materials, foams and insulation.


The ability to perform the necessary tests and to certify the products, so that they comply with EASA rules and regulation, is a key competence of HOSAs.


HOSA as an EASA G and EASA J certified company, constantly assures that all products designed and produced, follow the rigid testing standards of the EASA. With that competence and level of trust, HOSA is offering their support with a great variety of testing, to help its customers to comply with EASA rules and regulations


• Measuring instruments

• Oil-burn test / Combined fire test CS/FAR/JAR 25.853

• Fire test for material certification, vertical, horizontal CS/FAR/JAR 25.853

• Vibration testing, Vibration Reduction Tests

• Foam test, Permeation, DIN ISO

• Compression Set, DIN ISO

• Tests for seat approval, crash tests (Dynamic Test/TSO-C127a-b and Static TESTS/TSO-C39 a-c)


Noise control is vital aspects in an aircraft or helicopter cabin. HOSA is offering a great variety of services which not only reduce noise but also meet aesthetic requirements. By doing so HOSA is combining newest materials and technology with great design for a maximum of passenger comfort.


• Soundproof insulation cushions, very light and effective

• Quietizing covers made from light foam / modern fibers, highly effective

• Stepping mats in modern design

• Quietizing for carpets, works with different frequencies

• Quietizing for interior paneling beneath the leather


Components developed by HOSA will undergo engineering adjustments or will be replaced over time in regular refurbishment cycles.


A major drive for the replacement of interior components, every two to five years, is the competition between airline operators, to attract air travelers, by offering the best interior facilities or offering travelers more value for money.


HOSA for that reason services and maintains its own developed and manufactured products in service to their customers.


The founders Mr. Peter Hodes and Mr. Uwe Sander are pure aviation enthusiasts. With the passion for their craftsmanship, originally coming from the field of upholstery, they managed to build a highly esteemed company over the last 30 years.


Till today they are in love with Aircraft Interiors. Having served many different customers from major OEMS to Princedoms, Royals and Governments they've seen it all the last 30 years.


But their passion never subsided - A professional life dedicated to aviation!

EASA Approvals


HOSA credentials are a key differentiators to other companies in the interior market. With EASA J and EASA G certification, they are a fully approved OEM.


Furthermore, those credentials are an expression of the superior quality awareness of HOSA.


Being a leading Aircraft Interior boutique for high quality Craftsmanship is our ambition. As such HOSA is considered a highly esteemed institution in the Aircraft Interior market


The VIP and Standard Interior Supplier

HOSA Aircraftcompletions GmbH

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